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The Climb Organization Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit, non-partisan and non-sectarian organization.  

1. Our mission is to motivate people to get passionate about their lives and pursue their dreams, no matter what their challenges are.

2. The organization also aspires to educate the world on disabled life issues, and demonstrate to everyone that the disabled, and in particular the extremely disabled can have a full, successful, joyful, busy and meaningful life.

How this organization is uniquely qualified to tackle this need?


Dawn Teresa Parkot’s powerful story of overcoming numerous life challenges has captivated audiences around the country. Her ability to connect with any audience at any age is remarkable. She speaks on various subjects. She is best known for her lectures on the disabled life issues, religious presentations and her motivational talks. We truly believe it’s our job to speak and lead in a constructive manner.

Dawn's mission is to inspire people to pursue their dreams and to educate the world on disabled life issues… Dawn was featured on television, EWTN. She was a guest speaker at the Randolph Middle School, Notre Dame of Mount Carmel Church in NJ. She has lectured at Carnegie Mellon University, University of Notre Dame and Georgetown University. 

Please see Dawn's bio below.   

What does the general public need to learn?


Many people believe places for the disabled are where they receive intensive therapies, education and skills to function in the real world. That belief is often far from the real truth. Many of people with disabilities are simply warehoused, where only minimal care is provided.

Disability policy should be the branch of public policy that broadly addresses the needs of such individuals, including the need for employment, education, access to public accommodations, personal assistance, telecommunications, income maintenance, housing, assistive technology, transportation, and health care.

As it relates to health care, the objective of disability policy should be to ensure that people with disabilities have access to the specific high-quality services they need without compromising their ability to live independently and productively. The inability of many people with disabilities to obtain affordable health coverage interferes with this goal by deterring them from obtaining gainful employment and by making them vulnerable to financial catastrophe.

People with disabilities who lack adequate health coverage are financially vulnerable in the event of a major health problem. In such instances society ultimately pays, indirectly through uncompensated care and directly through public income maintenance. Therefore,there is a large cost to society for failing to make affordable health insurance available broadly and adequately to the disabled population.

Dawn Teresa Parkot's Biography


  · Dawn Teresa Parkot has Athetoid Cerebral Palsy, which is the most disabling out of the three kinds of CP. As a result of her CP, her physical movements and speech are severely impaired. She came down with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 8, which left her with serious hip and back damage. Nine years later, at 16, her wheelchair slid off a cliff, causing spinal cord trauma, more brain injury and leaving her legally blind.


· She attended the University of Notre Dame where she was the first student with multiple-disabilities in the history of the university. She graduated cum laude in math in four years. In the summer of 1995, she joined the Computer Science and Engineering graduate program at Notre Dame and again became the first disabled student in the program. In May of 2000, she graduated magna cum laude with a Masters Degree in Computer Science and Engineering. 


· She went to work for Network Design Tools Inc. in Eatontown, New Jersey as a Telecommunications Network software tester. That job ended in December 2001, as a result of 9/11.



 · Miss Parkot was selected for the Para-Olympic Equestrienne New Jersey State Team twice. She was an alternate for the Para-Olympic team in 1991 that competed in Spain.


· Miss Parkot won the title of Ms. Wheelchair New Jersey 1999. In fact, she was the first pageant winner with a speech disability.

* In 2009, she started her own organization, The Climb Organization Inc.

*  She has led a successful personal life, too. Three men have proposed to her but, she turned them down for reasons unrelated to her disabilities. For the meantime, having the freedom and the time to be a national guest lecturer, motivational speaker and advocate in the disability rights movement is more important to Miss Parkot.  Indeed, she seems determined to redefine the word disability.