The New Jersey Assisted Suicide legalization

   New Jersey’s "Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act"

  The Climb has been fighting against the legalization of Assisted Suicide since 2012 . This legislation is bad public policy for New Jersey.

     Dawn Parkot's published letter to the New Jersey Senators. 

     Here’s why a person with disabilities doesn’t want N.J. to have a law that allows people to kill themselves

        On March 25, 2019, Both houses of the New Jersey legislature passed bills to legalize assisted suicide in New Jersey.  Proponents needed 41 votes to pass in the Assembly and got 41 votes. They needed 21 votes to pass in the Senate and got 21 votes.  If one person in either house had abstained or voted NO the bills would have been defeated.  Our only hope is a veto by the Governor.   

            Hope is slim but there is one last important thing you MUST do:
          Please call (609) 292-6000, give your name and tell the aide you oppose the assisted suicide bills passed by the legislature and ask the Governor to veto them.   Note:  You are not asked for your contact information, only your name.   Physicians should identify themselves as such and make a statement about how allowing lethal drugs will impact your practice of medicine.